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    The Beer Bros: The Hunt for Red October

    With so many beers and so little time, it’s always tough to choose which brew to A) drink and, B) write about, because so often A happens and B is an afterthought—especially after more A’s than B’s if you C what I’m saying. Read more

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    Back to school with barley

    September is a busy time of year. However, the transition from the end of the summer to the beginning of school is also a great opportunity to incorporate the benefits of barley into your diet. Read more.

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    A Day in the Life of Linda

    It’s finally here! GoBarley’s first episode of, ‘A Day in the Life of Linda’. Click here to see it. 

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    Barley Balance: Barley for Breakfast

    It’s that time of year again when we make the transition from summer vacation back to school. Read more.

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    Overnight Barley Breakfast

    Get ready for back to school! This is an easy breakfast to help the kids get back into the rhythm of routine! Serve dressed up with cinnamon, fruit and nuts, or add juice and fruit and give the mixture a whirl in a blender for a wholesome and filling smoothie. Read more.

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    Vegetarian Barley Moussaka

    September is near and the garden is ready! Cook with fresh veggies and try this moussaka recipe. The barley in the sauce gives a meat-like texture, and complements the flavour of the rainbow of vegetable layers. Read More.

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    Carol Harrison: baking with barley flour

    Barley flour seems to be the ‘modern baking’ ingredient, and I’m always up to speed on new baking trends! However, I have to admit, up until a few months ago, barley flour was not on my radar. After hearing you can replace at least half the white flour in baking with fibre-rich barley flour, I had to try it out. Read More.

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    Linda in the Kitchen: Blueberry Grunt

    VIDEO: Linda invited special guest Paula Lenz to cook a Barley Blueberry Grunt in her kitchen! This delicious dessert is easy to make and a great finish to any summer meal. Read More.

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    Go Barley Farmers’ Market Tour

    Hey Alberta! Get ready for the Go Barley Alberta Farmers' Market Tour with cookbook authors Pat Inglis and Linda Whitworth. Read More.

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