Product partners proudly displaying the GoBarley logo on their products

GoBarley launched official partnerships with individual companies in 2014. These companies now proudly display the GoBarley logo on their products. When you select a product that features the GoBarley logo, you’re choosing an item made with Canadian barley. When dining out, try a GoBarley dish for a delicious, Canadian barley experience. Browse our partners to help source premium quality barley ingredients. We currently have 7 products partners in the following categories:


  • Maltsters

  • Restaurant & Food Service

  • Retail Suppliers

  • Wholesale & Ingredient Suppliers

  • Brewers & Distillers

Our commitments to our partners

  • a strong partnership with the Barley Council of Canada, an organization committed to promoting Canadian barley and barley products in domestic and global marketplaces
  • low-cost, cross-media promotional opportunities for your company and products
  • a company feature on the Product Partners page of, including a link to your company website and other relevant contact information, opportunities to advertise your upcoming events, and a written blog once per contract term, with the opportunity to post self-written content upon approval by GoBarley administrators
  • up-to once weekly (re)tweets from @GoBarleyTweets to highlight your company, product and event information
  • opportunities to include sample products or information from your company at certain food, health and consumer events through the GoBarley exhibit

How to become a product partner

To become licensed to use the GoBarley certification mark (logo) you must enter a formal contract with the licensor of the mark, the Barley Council of Canada. Every GoBarley Product Partner must meet the following criteria:

  • at least 90 per cent of the barley used in the production of your product(s) must be verifiably Canadian grown
  • material featuring the GoBarley logo must be truthful and accurately represent the final product
  • licensees must submit an annual compliance report to the BCC detailing the origin of the barley and its use by formulation for each product
  • licensees must submit an annual licensing fee of $200 to the BCC (cost is subject to change at the licensor’s discretion)

Read what our partners have to say in our Product Partner Blog

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