Why Barley?

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Why Barley?

Barley is Canada’s newest homegrown super food. It’s delicious, easy to use, locally grown and has tremendous health benefits.

Barley lowers your cholesterol

The health benefits of barley are amazing. It is very high in fibre and proven to lower cholesterol. In fact, last year, barley was approved for a health claim by Health Canada, which states that eating barley helps to reduce blood cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease.


Barley is a Canadian product

Barley is Canada’s third largest crop, after wheat and canola. While barley is grown throughout Canada, Alberta produces the most barley of all the provinces.

Some of the barley products available in Canada include pearl and pot barley as well as barley flakes and flour.


Easy to use and tastes great

Barley has a wonderful nutty flavour and mouth feel. It adds great texture to soups, stews and salads and its subtle nutty profile blends so well into main dishes, sides and desserts. Turning your soup into a nutritional powerhouse by throwing a few handfuls of barley into it is very easy.