Encouraging your kids to participate in the kitchen at an early age helps them to embrace healthy foods and develop life-long cooking skills. But when it comes to kids in the kitchen, parents often tell me that time is a factor. This is true, including children in cooking meals requires time, patience, and some extra clean up, especially when the kids are younger—but it can also bring a lot of fun to cooking. Cooking with your kids on the weekends or during a weeknight that is less scheduled can make things easier. Let’s check out three easy, kid-friendly barley recipes for you to try with your future cooks.

Barley Flour Tortilla

These flour tortillas are easy to make and delicious. They’re soft, slightly chewy and perfect for the next recipe Barley and Veggie Enchiladas. Get the younger kids to help by measuring out the dry ingredients, including the barley flour. Older kids can help roll out the dough balls into 6-inch (13 to 15 cm) circles. Fry these tortillas in a skillet and serve warm with prepared fillings.

Jane’s Meal Planning Tip
Make this recipe in bulk! Tortillas can be wrapped tightly with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerated up to two days, or frozen for up to one month.

Barley and Veggie Enchiladas

Enchiladas are traditionally made with corn tortillas; however, barley flour tortillas have a great flavour and are ideal for this vegetarian dish. This recipe is simple to switch up too, just add cooked shredded chicken, pork or beef. The younger kids can help wash the zucchini, carrots and peppers, while the older kids (over eight years old) to grate the veggies and open the cans of tomato sauce and corn.

Jane’s Meal Planning Tip
Make theme meals, like Tex-Mex night, and involve your kids in the planning and preparing. This adds fun to dinner time and creates great long-term habits.

Barley flake Turnovers with Jam

This simple, home-style turnover recipe is made with both barley flakes and barley flour. They are an excellent treat for the kids to enjoy after school with a glass of milk, or as dessert for a kid-friendly weekend brunch. The younger kids can measure the dry ingredients and place in a mixing bowl. The older kids will love spooning in the jam filling between the dough squares.

Jane’s Meal Planning Tip
Make sure you set aside 30 minutes for the dough to chill in the refrigerator. During this time get the kids to help with clean up and prepare to fill the turnovers.

Barley Bottom-line
Start with these barley recipes and allow your child to do more as they gain confidence in their skills. Don’t worry over mistakes; help build your child’s cooking skills, enjoy this quality time and the food.

Let us know what your favourite barley recipe is to cook with your kids!