Hello everyone,

As many of you may know, there is nothing that I love more than a good meal with homegrown Canadian ingredients.
That was why I was so fortunate last night to attend the #experienceCDNbeef event at Rouge Restaurant. This culinary adventure, hosted by our friends at Canada Beef, along with Jackson Family Wines and Karisma Hotels and Resorts, was the perfect opportunity to explore the pairing of delicious Canada beef and wine.
With Chef Michael Allemeier and Chef Paul Rogalski acting as our culinary tour guides, I (and several local food bloggers) was taken on a beef-tasting adventure–the likes of which I’ve never seen before!
The appetizers that we were served included a myriad of tastes and flavour profiles—however, they all featured one key ingredient: juicy, tender Canadian beef.
Some of my favourites from this extraordinary evening were:

  • A consommé dish with delicious beef bone marrow pearls.
  • A succulent top sirloin with a palette cleansing watermelon and feta salad.
  • Paired with wines from the California area.

These dishes came alive with flavour and provided a taste adventure that was well worth it.
This event reminded me that I am always pleased to talk about Canadian beef, and the quality that I believe makes it the best in the world. And, although I may be biased, I know that one of the reasons our beef is best is because it’s fed Canadian barley.
Beef finished on a diet of barley develops that wonderful white marbling of fat to increase the taste and tenderness. We learned last night that the flavour of the fat surrounding the tongue hits a pleasure point in our brains that contributes to the overall experience of eating beef.
Remember, next time you are eating a delicious Canadian steak, don’t forget the top quality barley that went into making it the best in the world.
Barley and beef—a match made in heaven!
Until next time,
Linda Whitworth