It’s great to be out west again! Friday started with me doing a telephone interview with 104.9 JR FM in Brockville Ontario. I did a live interview with morning show host Bruce Wylie. Bruce and I had a great five minute chat, we talked about how easy barley is to add into our diet and all the health benefits that come from it.

After the telephone interview I stopped off at Breakfast Television with City TV Winnipeg. For my first segment I was met by Jeremy John.

Like most people new to barley, Jeremy was curious about the benefits that come from eating this wonderful cereal grain, so I told Jeremy about our health claim; Jeremy was extremely impressed with how little barley you need to consume to reduce your cholesterol. With all this good news about barley, Jeremy couldn’t wait to try some of our barley recipes.

I showed Jeremy how easy it is to make a Black Bean Barley Salad and the one pot meal, Barley Jambalaya.

To view my entire segment check out City TV Winnipeg’s website.

After I finished at City TV I headed over to Shaw TV Winnipeg. Kim Babij and I discussed how easy it is to substitute regular flour with barley flour and I showed her how easy it is to create tasty scones and muffins with barley flour.

To watch the my entire demonstration on Shaw TV, check out their website.

It looks like I will continue heading west, Monday I am moving onwards to Regina, It’s going to be another busy day promoting the goodness of barley, be sure to check back for more information.

Jeremy John and me talking barley recipes.