Nutrition Month Solutions with Barley

This year’s the Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month campaign theme is Take the Fight out of Food! It’s dedicated to helping Canadians improve their relationship with food, no matter what the concern. I will share with you why food fads like avoiding smart carbohydrates is NOT a good idea, tips ...

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The Barley Balance: Celebrate Nutrition Month with Barley

This year’s Nutrition Month campaign theme is Take a 100 Meal Journey: Make small changes, one meal at a time. We eat about 100 meals in a month, so the goal of this campaign is to provide guidance and make it easier for Canadians to choose, eat and enjoy healthy foods like barley on a... Read More >

The Barley Balance–Refresh In March

The first day of spring is March 20! That day officially marks the start of the transition period between winter and summer. From spring-cleaning your closets to organizing your kitchen after a long, cold winter, it’s time to thaw out and embrace renewal. Let’s organize, refresh and enjoy this ...

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