GoBarley Announces Product Partner Launch

It’s official! We have officially launched our GoBarley product partnership line thanks to our first partnership with The International Centre based in Toronto, Canada.

The GoBarley product partnership was confirmed on October 1, 2014 and we are now moving forward with displaying our brand on products around the world. You can find more information on GoBarley product partnerships below.

Progressive Foods Inc.


After several years of research, Progressive Foods Inc. has developed a unique process to cook barley efficiently without losing its nutritional values. Our passion to create a tasty and healthy product has inspired us to make a natural and organic barley from locally grown hulless barley.

Progressive Foods is proud to launch its new brand Snappy Grains™ in Summer 2016, and share with you Natural Barley in A Snap and Organic Barley in A Snap. Snappy Grains™ barley is an excellent source of protein and fibre, especially the cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre, beta-glucan. The many health benefits make barley a versatile grain and great alternative for rice and starch rich foods.

Snappy Grains™ cares about your health and brings you high quality products. We have put in the time to prepare our barley to the perfect state so you don’t have to. Snappy Grains™ barley only takes 10 minutes to cook unlike other barley products and can be served in many ways. Check us out online for delicious recipe ideas. SnappyGrains.ca.

Make Snappy Grains™ a part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert… in a snap. Natural, organic, yummy!

The Products

Hobo Malting Co.


malting copyAs a marketing slogan, “quality is overrated” never really caught on. That’s because consumers demand the best, and so does a new craft malting facility that recently signed a partnership deal with GoBarley.

“Alberta is known as the malting barley capital of the world and we grow some of the best malt on the planet here in Canada,” said Christopher Fasoli, owner/operator of Hobo Malting Company based in Irricana, Alberta.

That’s critical to Fasoli, as his company’s goal is to find Alberta and Canadian-sourced barley and be able to trace it to the farmer who produced it and even the field where it was grown.

“We want to provide that traceability to the brewery or distillery. In the craft beer industry, we’ll be the link in the farm to table movement, taking raw barley and transforming it into malt.”

Read more below.

Red Shed Malting


Red Shed_CMYK_Normal copyThe concept of Red Shed malting started as a small seed, when Joe started brewing small batches of beer. It took root through numerous conversations at the family dinner table and was nourished by our desire to taste our own barley in Joe’s beer.

We began touring breweries within Alberta and through our conversations with the brew masters, we identified a need for locally sourced, traceable specialty malt. Currently, most specialty malts are imported into Canada. After extensive research, conversations with industry experts, and attending the CMBTC Malt Academy, we decided to start a malt house. The sophisticated beer consumer is seeking more complex flavours and a better understanding of what goes into their craft beer. Red Shed Malting is the missing link in the chain between the barley grower and the brewmaster. We will produce a traceable, local, and specialized malt that brewmasters can use to create beer with consistently more flavour.



InfraReady Products was started in 1994 by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool (SWP) in an attempt to add value to cereal grains before they left the province. With only the equipment, no products and no clients, Mark Pickard, the SWP’s project champion and 2 employees, started to carve out a unique niche in the food ingredients market, aiming to be the secret ingredient in many different food applications. In 1998, the company had grown to 13 employees, 100 products, and exported ingredients around the world. Accounting for a minute portion of the balance book, the SWP decided to divest itself of InfraReady, and offered Mark the opportunity to carry out a management buyout to ensure the company’s work would continue. With the help of 2 investors, Mark was able to continue his dream of offering wholesome food ingredients to the world’s food processors.

Today, InfraReady continues to grow, offering over 250 custom designed products, made from a wide range of raw materials, including cereal grains, oilseeds and pulses. All ingredients are whole grain, sourced from the best producers, and designed to meet client needs.

The Products

The International Centre


The International Centre recently signed the first contract of its kind to display the GoBarley logo on all barley products made in the Centre’s recipes, which are distributed to restaurants around the world. In matchmaking terms, it appears to be the perfect fit—GoBarley’s local quality standards align nicely with the International Centre’s reputation for providing only the best food products.

Make sure to check back for product events and menu updates! You can find more information on GoBarley product partnership and The International Centre below.

The Products

Sunny Boy


Sunny_Boy_LogoSunny Boy and GoBarley have teamed up to bring you more barley goodness.

Sunny Boy Cereal has been a part of healthy, hot breakfasts since 1929. Now Sunny Boy Pancakes and Organic Flours are sharing the morning start. Make Sunny Boy part of your recipe for simple, healthy living.

Sunny Boy Foods makes eating well a simple choice. Their mill produces hot cereal, flours and pancake mixes that respect an 80 year old Sunny Boy tradition to quality.

Sunny Boy believes in merging old-fashioned values with new lifestyle trends, which is why we embrace a positive philosophy regarding conventional and organic products. Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated and now, you can get your hands on some barley at a wide-range of stores across Canada at anytime through this product partnership.

Sunny Boy products can be found in Safeway, Sobeys, Co-op, Freson Bros., Save-On-Foods, Planet Foods, Organic Box, Earth’s General Store, Leduc Pantry and United Grocers stores.

Products and packaging coming soon. Check back for details.