Wholesale & Ingredient Suppliers

From classic pearl barley to new and specialty products, these partners can help you source commercial volumes of quality Canadian barley ingredients.

As a healthy and delicious ingredient, barley could give your product(s) an added marketing edge. Nutritional claims may even be included on the label of certain barley products. So, with an ingredient as versatile as barley, the opportunities are endless. Browse our partners to learn more about how these Canadian barley suppliers can work for you.

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Sunny Boy Foods Ltd.


Sunny Boy Foods Ltd. began in 1929 with a simple vision in mind—to produce quality products made with Canadian ingredients.

Located in Camrose, Alberta, Sunny Boy sources and mills cereals grown by Canadian farmers. Through partnerships with farmers, and now GoBarley, Sunny Boy Foods continues to mill superior Canadian products that you can rely on.

The Products

• Barley flour


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InfraReady Products Ltd.


InfraReady Products was established in 1994 to turn Saskatchewan’s crops into value-added products. Today, InfraReady continues to source the best whole grain ingredients from Canadian farmers and creates and exports over 250 custom products.

Through infrared technology, InfraReady turns cereals, pulses and oilseeds into easy-to-use products. With this unique method of precooking, InfraReady’s products have an increased shelf life, shorter cooking times, soft texture, increased absorption and retention of liquid, and an enhanced flavour. InfraReady is a reliable supplier of the easy, tasty, value-added ingredients you have been looking for.

The Products

• Precooked barley

• Bumped barley

• Barley flakes

• Barley meal

• Barley flour

• Malt barley



GrainFrac Inc.


GrainFrac Inc. was founded in 2014 with one goal in mind—to help people become healthier. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, GrainFrac produces Cerabeta™, a cereal beta-glucan concentrate. Made with Canadian Barley, Cerabeta™ helps to regulate blood-glucose levels, improve digestive health and regularity, and lower cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

With GrainFrac, you have access to a cost-efficient ingredient that could increase both the health benefits and marketing edge of your final products.

The Products

• Cerabeta™