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When you select a product that features the GoBarley logo, you’re choosing an item made with Canadian barley.

These items are proudly made with high-quality, delicious barley grown by Canadian farmers. So, when you’re looking for healthy, easy-to-use options at the grocery store, look for GoBarley. Browse our partners to learn where you can find these products.

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Sunny Boy Foods Ltd.

Sunny Boy Foods Ltd. began in 1929 with a simple vision in mind—to produce quality products made with Canadian ingredients. Today, Sunny Boy Foods continues to produce flours, breakfast cereals, and pancake and waffle mixes.

Located in Camrose, Alberta, Sunny Boy sources and mills cereals grown by Canadian farmers. Through partnerships with farmers, and now GoBarley, Sunny Boy maintains its 80-year-old tradition to quality products made with Canadian ingredients.

The Products

• Buttermilk pancakes

• Hamilton’s barley flour

Where To Find Them

Progressive Foods Inc.

In 2008 an Alberta farmer founded Progressive Foods Inc. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Progressive Foods honours its roots to Canadian agriculture by working to create sustainable opportunities for barley growers and processors.

Inspired by Canadian barley, Progressive Foods created Snappy Grains™, Natural Barley and Organic Barley that can be made in a snap. These easy-to-use, convenient products are made from 100 per cent Canadian barley. Snappy Grains™ products take only 10 minutes to cook and bring all of the taste, versatility and health benefits of this ancient grain to the table in just a fraction of the time.

The Products

• Snappy Grains™ Natural Barley

• Snappy Grains™ Organic Barley

Where To Find Them

InfraReady Products Ltd.

InfraReady Products Ltd. was established in 1994 to turn Saskatchewan’s crops into value-added products. Today, InfraReady continues to source the best whole grain ingredients from Canadian farmers and creates and exports over 250 custom products.

In addition to selling custom blends, InfraReady also makes a Friendship Soup Mix—a win-win product. With soup mix consumers get a delicious, high-fibre and convenient soup, and local food banks get the same. A portion of the proceeds from each bag of Friendship Soup is donated to soup kitchens; so eat up and share it with your friends and family.

The Products

• Friendship Soup Mix

Where To Find Them