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This Year's Foodie Trend: Barley Flakes


By Carol Harrison @GreatMealIdeas


Once I heard barley can be steamrolled into flakes, just like rolled oats, I couldn’t try them soon enough.

Barley Flakes for 2015

1593_07_10_2012__17_09_39_700Granola, hot cereal, cookies, pancakes, crumbles, smoothies, muesli—it was easy to imagine tasty new ways to enjoy the health benefits of barley. I easily found a few bulk-food stores that sell barley flakes—though I suspect we’ll see barley flakes alongside rolled oats in the cereal section of most grocery stores in the near future because (from what I hear) they are the New Year health fix for 2015.


Here is how you can incorporate this foodie trend into your diet this year:


Homemade Granola

granola-trayI’ve already made a dozen jars of Barley Granola for gifts. You could just as easily swap half or more of the rolled oats in your own granola recipe (or any recipe, for that matter) with barley flakes.




Overnight Barley Breakfast


In the fridge now, I have this Overnight Barley Breakfast setting. Like muesli, it’s barley flakes soaked in yogurt with added fruit and nuts. On a busy weekday, it makes a satisfying grab-and-go breakfast, but I love it as a post-workout snack, too.




Crispy Barley Raisin Cookies


Today, I promised to wait until my daughter gets home from hockey practice to make these Crispy Barley Raisin Cookies. Made with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, they’ll be great with some hot apple cider while we admire the traveling snowflakes outside.



My wish for you in 2015

Make stealth health your goal for the New Year, and get healthy without really trying. Start simply—add a new healthy ingredient to your pantry, like barley flakes.



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  1. Bernice

    I have sent an e-mail on Oct. 4th & Nov 22nd. I would like to know if I can make the Barley Stuffing outside the turkey. It has been 3 months….why can’t I get a reply?

    • GoBarley

      Hi Bernice, so sorry for the late reply! I’m not sure what email you were sending it to, but here is a tip that may help you: you CAN ABSOLUTELY make this barley stuffing outside of the turkey. The stuffing is already cooked before you would put it in the turkey, so you can just skip that last step. So mix the recipe and throw it in the oven for the specified time and temperature then cool for 10 minutes to serve. I hope these helps you! You can also email me directly at – Caitlan

    • GoBarley

      Hi Billie! Barley flakes are available in most general grocery stores across Canada (Co-op, Save on Foods, Safeway, Sobeys, Cost-Co) in either the baking aisle or the cereal aisle. You can also find barley flakes at natural food stores like Community or Planet Organic——Bulk Barn also has a great selection! I hope this helps you, we will also be coming out with a new blog soon that will show you exactly where you can shop for barley ingredients across Calgary, Alberta and then other provinces in the coming months. Have a great day!

  2. Barb

    Hi! I LOVE the Barley Granola recipe 🙂 I do also love savoury breakfasts – do you have any suggestions or recipes that would involve barley flakes? Thank you!!

    • Carol Harrison

      Hi Barb,

      If you’re looking for savoury barley flakes recipes for breakfast try pan frying some chopped mushrooms, kale and onions with thyme (salt and pepper to taste), add any broth on hand and barley flakes – essentially a savoury porridge. Once cooked, top with a fried egg. A little Sriracha over the egg might be good too! (In fact, I think I’ll make that for dinner.)
      It’s not a recipe per se but you get the idea!
      If you come up with any savoury breakfast ideas for using barley flakes please share them here.


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