The Barley Balance – Less salt please

Less salt please. Pass the whole foods including barley and herbs and pass on the processed foods and snacks. A diet high in sodium is linked to elevated blood pressure also called, hypertension. When individuals eat too much sodium, it can cause the body to retain more water than necessary, ...

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Linda’s Superfood Tour – Calgary

It’s great to be home, even if it’s only a short stay. Gwendolyn Richards and John Gilchrist of the Calgary Herald came by for lunch. The three of us were joined by Julie Van Rosendaal and Liana Robberecht of the Calgary Petroleum Club. We chatted about the new website and all its great ...

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Linda’s Superfood Tour – Regina

Monday got underway with me heading over to Global Morning Regina. While at Global, I did a quick four minute live segment outlining all that is good about barley. I brought lots of great barley dishes for them to enjoy. Regina’s Global Morning New Team and me. Once I finished at Global I ...

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Linda’s Superfood Tour – Winnipeg

It’s great to be out west again! Friday started with me doing a telephone interview with 104.9 JR FM in Brockville Ontario. I did a live interview with morning show host Bruce Wylie. Bruce and I had a great five minute chat, we talked about how easy barley is to add into our diet and... Read More >

Linda’s Superfood Tour – Ottawa

I’m back in Ontario! I started the day by heading to CTV Ottawa for their Morning Live show. For this segment, Jeff Hopper and I discussed our health claim. Jeff was very impressed to know that eating three grams of beta barley glucan helps reduce cholesterol. Be sure to check out my entire ...

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